Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer is coming!


lefti said...

Τι ωραία...φωτογραφία...η φύση μας δίνει τους καλύτερους πίνακες :)

kostas said...

Η φυση ειναι Αρμονια.
Ευχαριστω πολυ.

Stefan Jansson said...

I just read an article and it looks like a lot of people will spend their vacation in Greece this summer.

kostas said...

Hello Stefan,tourism is an interesting but very difficult product!
I think we,Greeks,have a great product but we dont know to sell it.
We must make more in ecotourism,agrotourism,cultural tourism and not wait only mass tourism.
Have a nice week.

N.xenia said...

Wish I was there :-( Been in Thessaloniki and Chalkidika 2 times and I love it.

*N.xenia Denmark

kostas said...

Try a new trip to Greece N.xenia,
Greece is a very interesting and beautiful place.
Thank you for your visit and commnets.


Αγαπημένο μου σπιτάκι..αγαπημένη μου θάλασσα..πολύ όμορφη φώτο