Friday, December 17, 2010




joanny said...


I love the light coming through the leaves and the deep bright red sign, the light behind the leaves gives a depth to the photo. very nice ....
but I am confused as to what the sign says?


Turquoise Diaries said...

Very sweet sign. I would love to know what is written there..
We will be in our beach house in Datca for the new year vacation. If you are planning to travel when you are in İzmir, why not stop at Datca???

kostas said...

@joanny thanks for your visit.Its a restaurant's sign named Red hedgehog.

@Turquoise Diaries,its a restaurant's sign named Red hedgehog.
Thank you too much for your invitation,I would love to be there for a visit but I dont know yet.I shall be in Chios from 27 Dec to 5 Jan.I shall make a daily visit to Izmir and I have to see a Turkish photographer there.
How far is Datca from Izmir?
Have a nice weekend.

namaki said...

beautiful contrast between the red and green colours ! The light in the leaves is beautiful too !!

joanny said...
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joanny said...

thank you Kostas, I thought it was a restaurant, but the nicely painted sign with the Red hedgehog looked similar to our porcupines which are thought of here as pests. Hedgehog seems to suggest 'British' rather then' Greek' cuisine -- but I may be mistaken.

enjoy your journey lzmir.


Gulden said...

Hi Kostas,

I always follow your blog..from february to july i was in thessaloniki for practising greek and you always publish the pictures where i had i live in izmir..thank you for your great picture because i am missing thessaloniki so much so when i see your photos i feel better..if you need to ask things about izmir you can write me..

kostas said...

Merhaba Gulden,thank you too much for your comments,I shall ask for info about Izmir.
Have a nice week.

Gulden said...

Hello Kosta

I will be pleased for helping greek friends were in izmir this summer so i am experienced for tourist :) i will be pleased

m1rto said...

Πώς μ' αρέσει που βγάζεις φωτογραφίες εικόνες που είναι δίπλα μου και δεν τους ρίχνω δεύτερη ματιά