Friday, September 10, 2010

Wall graphics.

Wall graphics.


Βορέας said...

Πρώτη φορά βλέπω τόσο «ποιοτικό» γκράφιτι στην Θεσ/νικη. Που βρίσκεται;

Kate said...

Very interesting, colourful, and contemporary mural. It must brighten up the area.

kostas said...

Βρισκεται στον εξωτερικο τοιχο ενος σχολειου στην περιοχη Φαληρου.
@Kate,thanks,have a nice weekend.

Rizalenio said...

Wonderful street arts.

joanny said...


This reminds me of Andy Warhol’s Pop Art in style and color and energy, very creative work this mural. This type of art defines a decade and a culture. Interesting .

Am I seeing correctly is that the peace symbol he is doing with his hands, and a peace emblem on his shirt?

Have a nice week end.


Gunn said...

Bright, nice and colorful street art! I like it!!:)