Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old market.



joanny said...

It is what they call here in the US "arrested decay"

Nice composition and lighting.


kostas said...

Its the old port section with many old merchant shops.There is a new wind here with reconstructions and the new use!Restaurants,bars,cafes etc.

bilsot said...

Τέλεια φωτό!!!
Κοίτα το ερείπιο
τι έβγαλε σε χρώματα,
κι αν περάσεις δίπλα του
δε του δίνεις σημασία....

ramy_v said...

Nicely captured. The textures are excellent.

Houston Daily Photo

joanny said...

I am happy to learn that it will be reconstructed -- even so the photograph is interesting with the decay and texture.