Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pink house.

Old town.


Chris & Deb said...

Now there's a day brightener!

isabella said...

I totally love it! I noticed that most buildings on your blog are very colorful - not your usual white and blue we associate with Greece!

E.I. said...

color in life, very refreshing

mave said...

The building is in Akropoleos st in Ano Poli, probably no 15.

kostas said...

Are you living near by mave?
Thank you for you visit to my blog.

mave said...

Yes , I live and work near by :)

imikrimarika said...

Να χαρώ τη χρωματιστή φορεσιά σου
Πούχει τα χρώματα της πασχαλιάς
Πούχει τα χρώματα της αγάπης
Άνοιξε το φωτεινό παραθύρι σου
Να σ'αγκαλιάσει ο ήλιος
Και να γευτεί τη ζεστασιά σου